Monday, December 26, 2011

The Annunaki are the rulers of this Universe - Atlantians are incarnating too (sovereign entities of the central race)

"They (the Anunnaki) don't deactivate nukes that would be the friends of the Wingmakers ... The Atlantians who avoided being enslaved by the Annunaki by moving into another dimension of Earth where the Annunaki can't go – so they sealed the grids between the dimensions.

Just recently these Atlantians breached the grid between the dimensions... and even though they have been sending messages to their fellow citizens, for 11,000 years now, they were mostly distorted by the HMS (Human Mind System) programming... humans were too pre occupied with survival, until now.

This era is the first time humans have had a moment to think "outside the box", because the annunaki incarnated, left running the programs of the Annunaki ... the "bloodline" is of the self-created gods, but now the Atlantians are incarnating too... The indiscretion of these human-annunaki is infamous, so some of us may in fact have some of their DNA in us.

The Annunaki are the rulers of this Universe, they are not fallen angels, they are another species completely different than Angels (obviously), we have the same creator, and the same free will. They choose to take advantage of their technology to enslave entire planets, and ours was just one of them, but we shall prevail...because we have discovered how to turn the HMS (Human Mind System) off.

To turn off the HMS, one must simply say NO MORE ... will participate in the deception of dualities ... and follow through with that. NO MORE! No more will I be part of this deception. No more will I contribute my energy to the works of deception.

No more will I stand idle while others suffer. No more will I shake in my self doubt and allow those in power to decide my fate. No longer will I be sucked into the distractions of the Elite. No longer will I reserve my activism for a future time… the time is NOW.

If you do this – not only in words but deeds – you will see a space open up in your life; a sort of emptiness and stillness that lacks human embroidery or definition. This is the place in which you can stand-up and radiate the oneness, equality and truthfulness of the Sovereign Integral.

This is the activism that will change the world. It will not be the organizations, the sects, or the militias that bring change. They cannot stand up to the Elite. Only the Self, the Sovereign Integral, operating in harmony with Earth/Nature can stand-up to the Elite and usher in the era of transparency and expansion.

Do you know of the forming of The Council of these incarnating Ancients/Atlantians? And it's function? I know their origins...and their purpose, it is the same as ours enhance and expand our own consciousness via experience in Matter, Energy, Space and Time, and to self-create and express our unique identity as Sovereign Integrals from the Central Race ...

Our DNA is the same as the Annunaki, they have deceived themselves, in their visions of self-created grandeur. And are suffering the consequences of their attempts to keep the other species of this Universe in a prison... which I am sure was an exhaustive task.

Our template has the advantage of being created last, using the best of the features of all previous six species [the 7 root races.] The Annunaki's part in the plan was no mistake... we needed this experience so that we might appreciate being who we are ... which is a species with all the abilities of the creators, and each with the potential to be individual representatives of First Source's divine love.

SECUs, (sovereign entities of the central race) is who we are... as "First Beings" of Light we were identical, in all but one aspect, and that was that our consciousness was individuated ... so that we would reach out to each other, and discover what makes us Unique, which is the highest attribute of creation... and demonstrates ITs presence and trust in us.

We are explorers, first and foremost, and creators second. We were multidimensional being and created a world, this world, so that we could experience "separation".

We fragmented our soul consciousness - our true identity, from our body's consciousness, by creating a mind that was totally unaware of our connection to the Central race, so that we could experience the genuine and authentic emotions of an independent individual uniquely using free will, we each chose what we needed to develop our own unique personality... our own identity. Over ten thousand life times, we experienced All that IS ... and now, as you say, school is over.

And now is our opportunity to demonstrate our skills as Masters...we have a little time yet to practice, before the Galactic Alignment activates the last of our DNA that has been preserved for this "time". Those who are prepared for when the "full activation" of the Source Codes are "shifted" on, will find themselves fully conscious of All the realities they have ever experienced - enhanced and expanded via self-creation and awareness of all our individual and collective abilities.

Creation is the manifestation of matter energized, It requires Light and Sound, The Light is what activates us, our Life force, and the sound is the tone of our words ... the expression of our thoughts. Collectively we are a force that manifests even the wildest dreams.

Once the media gets our focused attention collectively...and manipulates the energy we give to any one expressed thought, it will manifest...even our darkest fears. Being aware of our creative abilities is what the PTB (Powers That Be), have over us. These laws of creation hold true no matter if you are conscious of them or not... we, as a collective created this world, and we have the ability to choose where we direct our energy and the ability to choose what we are co-creating.

No one can prevent us from doing that ... true sovereigns, cannot be told, what they can and can't do, they are self-aware of their unique abilities and value as a member of this species...Sovereigns share one common goal - global equality which is perceived universally as WHOLEness..

Page 354-356

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